TA MALIBU - Bloodhound kennel


The bloodhounds run our garden since 2003. They have driven us step by step as rumpled small bundles, stepping our bars. Big enough to be able to eat ourselves and call out in the case our dissatisfaction. But small, to stay without any supervision and they should take a care without love of us. The first year of our life is running always very fast. There is possible to see the greatest changes with us. At first we are rumpled, after there leggy, any from us voracious, the others are very careful with the food. 
We grow up between the second and third year. Here I mean physical. With the intellect it´s very individuel, but in the main we are very nice, gently, and when we get the needed interest and patience we are very skilled. Especially during our activities in the wood, even when we are there too independent. We are enjoyed with meetings with other human and dogs friends, with which we are pacific and we don´t call out any conflict situations.. We are satisfied even at our garden as the family pets ( hen we are able to sit long hours with our houselady on the swing with scrapping), or on our long walks throught the wood and nature, when our houselady decides, our rolling is over...so let´s go to become acquainted with us.