Velehrádek - May 2010                                                    

On Saturday 13.5. 2010 me and Casy went to meeting with bloodhounds, that are training People´s traces. The meeting started at 8 a.m.. Casy had to find "lost" little girl. The trace was two hours old and it was through woods and meadow. Casy started with cetrainty and without hesitation at breaks (she only verified where the track go) and at the end of track she found the little girl. But she was more happy about bowl full of food (reward) than about finding girl.

Hurray, we have it!!

Because me and my dogs enjoy tracing human´s traces, I decided to start training it and improve my dogs in it. I think you would start from the simplest till the most complicated and that it why I started train on my own trace. After some time I tried to find some examination which crown our effort. My friend gave me advice about tracing examination Fpr1. You have to work out own, 300 metre long trace which has two breaks (90°). There are two items on the traces, that have to be made off different material (textile, wood, leather,..) and sized 10x2 cm. The trace have to be min. 20 minutes old. Our time for working out the trace is 15 minutes.
The closed place, where this examination was practiced, was Kolín. After entertaining my driving ability I found out that I will make up drive to Kolín, so I signed up my bitch Casy. The examination was on 28. 8. 2009. There were signed up 11 dogs (1x Bloodhound, 1x Briard, 1x Belgian sheepdog Malinois, 8x German shepherd). The examinations were evaluated by international judge Luboš Jánský. He is very experienced judge, however he said me that he had never evaluated bloodhound. Simply everything is one time for the first time. After start of the examinations we went out from the city for tracing. The traces were created in low plants. Casy worked out the trace with bloodhound´s style, but reliably. The judge evaluated the work of Casy as satisfactory, because she didn´t follow the trace with low nose (bloodhound, fresh trace and low nose don´t go together) a she didn´t indicate the items convincingly (she didn´t stop before the items, she came up to them sideways). Casy finished the trace and she completed her first examination of human´s trace… 
Now we start traning on alien trace…